Thematic Case Reviews

In these thematic reviews, the organisation and presentation of cases will be based on the latest educational research, including literature exploring the role of expertise in radiologic image interpretation; how to promote active learning in radiology trainees, and activities to simulate how experts through deliberate practice generate a holistic high-level representation of the image, which then fine-tunes the perception of potential lesions. These reviews will leverage on the large database of online published and unpublished (at the moment) "normal" and "abnormal" cases. Selected use of didactic instructional videos will be included.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

How radiology experts think, and the value of online case repositories

1. expertise in radiology is directly correlated with experience
2. case experience should be cumulative
3. case experience should include the full spectrum of the presentation of any given diagnosis
4. case experience should include material of increasing complexity
5. increasing complexity involves cases showing typical, then less typical, less easily detectable features, with less associated features, or more confounding associated features, or more than one pathology, and progressively less or contradictory additional information

6. the radiology task is a simple three step process - see, recognize, diagnose
7. this requires perceptual learning or pattern recognition, categorical learning or the ability to list key features, and diagnostic reasoning or the ability to correlate with the clinical setting
8. experts use rapid holistic perception linked to experience, which are mental schemas or representations of the key features of a wide range of pathology
9. experts use rapid 200msec big picture perception to generate the most likely hypothesis, which then drives deliberate search for key features
10. experts rapidly decide on whether the radiograph or scan is normal, or has a likely abnormality, and then use visual search and reasoning to confirm the diagnosis

11. online case repositories can accelerate the development of expertise, by widening the case experience  of radiologists, beyond that of individual day to day direct experience
12. the key is to use case material in a deliberate way

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