Thematic Case Reviews

In these thematic reviews, the organisation and presentation of cases will be based on the latest educational research, including literature exploring the role of expertise in radiologic image interpretation; how to promote active learning in radiology trainees, and activities to simulate how experts through deliberate practice generate a holistic high-level representation of the image, which then fine-tunes the perception of potential lesions. These reviews will leverage on the large database of online published and unpublished (at the moment) "normal" and "abnormal" cases. Selected use of didactic instructional videos will be included.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What is "Mastery" in diagnostic radiology training?

Mastery is the ability to recognize all possible presentations of a particular condition, and differentiate this from look-alike’s and differential diagnoses – with speed, accuracy, confidence
Start with common clinical conditions/presentations
Gain exposure to all possible presentations, and go deeper to understand the underlying anatomical/pathological/clinical background
This way will recognize atypical conditions, or a new condition
Systematic deliberate practice (with feedback) is the key à training effect / lots of practice
Aim for at least 40 to 50 examples of each diagnosis
Plan for spaced (distributed) rather than massed practice – allocate time for systematic practice
Use image repositories intelligently – digital, hardcopy, textbooks/journals

above are the take home points from the presentation below

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