Thematic Case Reviews

In these thematic reviews, the organisation and presentation of cases will be based on the latest educational research, including literature exploring the role of expertise in radiologic image interpretation; how to promote active learning in radiology trainees, and activities to simulate how experts through deliberate practice generate a holistic high-level representation of the image, which then fine-tunes the perception of potential lesions. These reviews will leverage on the large database of online published and unpublished (at the moment) "normal" and "abnormal" cases. Selected use of didactic instructional videos will be included.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Radiology Resident Tutorial on February 3, 2017 from 0745hrs to 0830hrs, Internet Cafe, level 2 DDI, NUH

To attempt Case 4956 to 4965 on this blog. Each resident to email me your answers for each case (state likely diagnosis, and one sentence justification for each) before we start the interactive case discussion as a group from 0800am in the Internet Cafe.

Before group review of cases
2 teams of 3 residents each are formed - team 1 and team "C", each team to pick one of the 10 cases (the "hardest" or most difficult/challenging one) to discuss as a group, and then post a group answer and justification statement on WhatsApp, just before the group discussion and review.

Above alternative overview of 10 cases, and 2 bonus cases for discussion on Instagram link (click on each image, and go to separate blog entry for other images for each case)

After the tutorial, there will be the option to continue thematic and topic based case based reviews, on weekly, biweekly or monthly cycles (residents to decide on frequency - these reviews will take place in groups or teams of three residents each; with each team posting group single line likely diagnosis and justification statement for 10 to 12 cases each cycle on the NUH Neuro Rad tutorials WhatsApp group), including reviews of non-related but look-alike unknown cases, between tutorials, using a deliberate practice, mastery training paradigm, by using material from this blog, and continue our discussions via our NUH Neuro Rad tutorials WhatsApp group.

If you want to be good at something, do it every day. "No exceptions". 
- Marius Ursache

The Slow Grad Student - Do Less and Be Mindful
(reflect on this paradox - how can one do less, yet be more productive, efficient and effective?)

"Put first things first" - Steven Covey

This tutorial builds on ideas shared in earlier tutorial (on Oct 31st, 2016).

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